This feature has not yet been implemented in the new version. Once it has been this page will be updated with the new information regarding this feature.

I believe in keeping Url's safe for people, I.e. attempting to prevent them from being redirected to malware sites, or being attacked by internet "trolls." As such, I maintain a list of safe domain apexes that will cause immediate URL redirection. Anything outside of the list will hit the waiting page first. This is also applied to organizations, with the exception that their waiting page may contain branding.

Another method of ensuring Url's are properly treated is the "Report" system. Each time you visit a shortened link to our system, you have the option to file a report against the Url. Reports should only be filed if the Url causes issues with your browser, or has illegal content, or disturbing content. I am working on a system which will take these reports and rank websites based on the reports filed against it. I am still working on the algorithm to handle this situation.

If you believe a Url is malicious, filed a report indicating such. All reports that have reasons are taken very seriously and investigated. Should a website be found in neglect of our Terms of Service, please contact us and inform us immediately. We will review it and take the appropriate action required.