Privacy Policy

General Information

Short for People acknowledges and respects your privacy. As such we take certain measures to protect you and your information. We provide this document to inform you on how Short for People handles your data and information. This notice is included as a link on our footer for all pages on the main Short for People website.

Certain requests for information on this website trigger a log event of certain information of a users browser. No personal information is collected by these log events, and the information captured is not transmitted outside of Elliott Brown Computer Solutions network.

Information Captured

Short for People does not collect any personal information from it's users, nor does it sell names or email addresses of any organizations or users within. Any organizations and/or users who purchase services from Short for People can be reassured that their information is not released or otherwise transmitted to any organization that is not part of the Elliott Brown Computer Solutions network. Your information will NOT be sold, rented, loaned or otherwise disclosed to any system that is not part of the Elliott Brown Computer Solutions network. For a list of the services and websites within the Elliott Brown Computer Soltutions network, please visit the page at:

Children's Privacy

Short for People is in NO way designed, structured or otherwise implemented to attract those who are under 13. Short for People does not capture or otherwise obtain information that would identify or otherwise infringe on the rights of those persons under 13 years of age.


This website does not store any information that would, on its own, allow us to identify individual users of this service without their permission. Cookies may be used by this website in order to maintain session state. We do not share any cookies with any other website.

Resale or Disclosure of Information to Third Parties

Short for People does not, and will not, retransmit information to any parties that are not directly related to the operation of Short for People. This includes the prohibition of retransmitting personal or identifiable information to: search engines, advertising agencies, spam services.

Browser Information Collected on this Website

A cookie is a small data file containing certain information and is written to your hard drive when you visit the website. A cookie cannot be read by a website other than the one that sets the cookie. Most cookies last only through a single session or visit.

Short for People limits cookie use to only that which is necessary to maintain functionality of this service.