Under Construction

This feature is still under construction, and as such requests will not be processed until it is considered safe for use.

  • Private Surl Space
  • $5/mo
  • Allows for full use of a private Surl space.
  • Full Surl Space
  • Full Control over Generation
  • Private API Key
  • Buy Now

The only paid service at S4P is our custom organization Surl space. Essentially it is as follows:

  • Organizations can purchase custom sub-domain apexes.
  • Organizations can also use their own domains, they will simply need to point it to our server.
  • Organizations can add URL's to their own space.
  • Any URL's to the organizations own domain apex will be automatically forwarded.
  • Any URL's to websites outside the organization's domain will follow the same safety rules as all other URL's.
  • Organizations can have any other domain apex's they require added to their own safe-list, with approval.
  • Organizations can have their short-url's made by either entering a custom string, or allowing them to be generated in the same fashion as the traditional system.
  • Organizations will have their own control panel and an API and security strings to publish URL's similarly to the S4P API.
  • Any URL's an organization enters in with their credentials will be seperated from all other Organizations and the default S4P namespace.
  • Organizations may have custom forwarding page branding, allowing users to see the organizations brand as an alternative to ours.

This service is cost effective (a mere $5/mo USD) and guarantees that any new features or changes to the existing system will not affect an organization unless they otherwise agree to it.


To request information for this service, send an email to purchase[at], with your organizations name, purpose, requested subdomain, and I will begin the process to setup your subdomain. Please label the subject with "S4P Custom Application Request."

I would like to inform anyone who is requesting this service that this entire system is managed by one person, and the applications are all handled by one person. This is not my full-time job, so I will try to review the applications each night and get a response out at the end of the night, but if I can't I will get to them the next day. All requests submitted on weekdays WILL have a response before the Monday following the submission date. Any applications submitted on Saturday and Sunday will most likely have a response by the following Monday as well.

After your application is reviewed and accepted, I will begin the process of modifying the system to accomodate your organization. (This process takes less than 2 hours, based on my sample operation.)

Why Us?

Benefits of using this system:

  1. Our system is already operational. Why spend more money, time and effort in creating something we have already completed?
  2. You don't worry about managing the system. We put everything in our own database, on our own servers, in our own network.
  3. Simplified management. Your domains and Url's can be created, deleted and edited with as little as one click.
  4. Shorter, standardized links. You can decide what links you want to use, and how to use them. Using the systematic generator is not required.

The availability of our shorter URL's is much higher than that of some of the other larger distributors of short URL's. This allows us to give you smaller URL's in the end. The offering of custom subdomain options for organizations also allows us to deliver customized solutions for each organization. This in turn creates a more professional relationship between the organization and the URL's it is distributing. We can provide all this and more.